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How Do I Know What Whitening Product To Buy?

When you are browsing the internet and see so many teeth whitening options, you ask yourself

"How do I know what teeth whitening product is best?"

White With Style brand products have been around for many years, offering a high quality professional grade whitening that is safe and effective on your teeth enamel. With a blue light LED activator light you are getting immediate results. There are some kits out there that with their gel ingredients the whitening process doesn't even begin for 8 or so minutes. I know, I feel the same way! Who would want to sit there with their light and trays in for 8 minutes before anything even starts? 

There are many choices but what it comes down to for me is who has been around? Who is offering great deals? What are my options? I really like the flavor choices (Bubblemint is my absolute fav), and I like that the White With Style gel is sensitivity free, I have used strips and other knock offs and OUCH! to say the least. 

What I am really excited about is the new Stellar White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit by White With Style. I cannot wait to try out the red light gum treatment that is built into that amazing new rechargeable light! And I can still get the high quality gel that White With Style is known for. I don't want to mess around with the less effective whitening pens, they are better for in between treatments rather than a whole whitening treatment. Give me the good stuff if I am gonna sit here and do the treatment. Speaking of...this new Stellar White Advanced kit takes half the time to whiten! Woooweee. I am excited! 

Jump in with me and try out this new kit. You can get a bonus discount for a limited time using coupon code SW79 to purchase the Stellar White Advanced Teeth Whitening kit for just $79 (USD) at


Smile Bright and Be happy!


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